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If this barrel comes back in stock what do I need in order to make my Gen 1 MCX work with this barrel? I currently have a 5.56 barrel that came with it. This is the non-tapered version.


Referenced product: WCALX-MCX-9B-300B

We checked with Sig on this and the barrels (CALX) are compatible across older / newer MCX rifles. The TAP barrels work on the early MCX and the older non-TAP barrels work on Virtus (TAP) rifles. The TAP barrels have different placement for the gas blocks depending on the barrel length and caliber. This means the the gas block adjustment selector on a TAP barrel may be covered by the older style handguard if the handguard is not swapped. If that happens, the handguard could be easily removed if you need to change from suppressed to unsuppressed and vise versa.

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