Adults: Air Guns Are Still Fun

Adults: Air Guns Are Still Fun

Adults: Air Guns Are Still Fun

Although Osage County Guns is mostly known for our online presence we operate a full retail store with about 6000 square feet of products and displays. Part of this space is dedicated to Sig Sauer products and we operate their "Store within a Store." This includes SIG branded cases and displays with a full line of handguns, rifles, optics, accessories, and air guns. Most adults will look at everything else but the air guns. While I understand that if you're coming to a gun store to look at centerfire guns you might not even think of air guns.

As we get older we tend to move onto the "bigger and better" things and many times don't look back. I had a lever action Red Ryder BB gun as a kid and spent many hours in the back yard shooting aluminum cans. My brother and I may or may not have shot out the window of our blue two-tone 1985 Dodge Ram van with that BB gun, but the point is we had years of fun with that relatively inexpensive BB gun. Eventually we got older and shot .22LR rifles and then went to centerfire rifles and handguns. I admit that as I browse the store I generally overlooked the air gun display. It's not just me, but the overwhelming majority of adults do as well. Once they see it's an air gun and not a real MCX they keep going. And that's kind of sad.

I recently passed the "Over the Hill" mark in life and also picked up a pellet rifle. It was undeniablity FUN. I couldn't hit targets at 100 yards, but knocking over those aluminum cans and putting holes in cardboard targets at a moderate range was a blast. I had almost forgotten how much I loved that old BB gun and this brought it all back. It was probably one of the best things I did for myself in a while.

Sometimes we are so focused on moving forward that we forget to look back and that could be a mistake. Yes, air guns are great for training because they're cheaper to shoot and the newer air guns mimic the function of the real centerfire guns. They can also provide ability to shoot inside city limits in the comfort of your back yard (always check with local laws and ordinances before doing so). Most importantly you might just have a good time doing something from your youth that was out of sight and out of mind.

It can be easy to forget and tough to not let it happen, but there's something special about enjoying the simple things. More of those memories are coming back after having my son who is now 4 years old and getting into those things that I loved to do. My advice: Stop to think about the things you enjoyed 10, 20, 30 years ago and perhaps revisit them.

Fill up the air on your bicycle and go for a ride. Dust off your old radio controlled car in the attic and bring it outside. Grab a box of Fruit Rollups at the grocery store (they're still awesome). When you come into our retail store stop and at least stop to look at the air guns. Think of other things you enjoyed and try it again. You might be surprised at what a positive change those old things can make today and your outlook in life as you go forward. It certainly has for me.